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Hi, I’m Jamilla. I work full time in a sedentary environment and could feel myself getting more and more unfit by the day!

This wasn’t my only reason for contacting Con and Marie from Prokos Personal Training though, I was getting married soon, and I wanted to build my booty in time for the wedding!

Working with Marie I was able to achieve this goal, even though it was only a short-term goal. She taught me how to push my body beyond its limit to build muscle in an area where it was previously difficult to achieve growth.

After working with Marie for a few weeks we planned out some long-term goals that I had for my fitness. Maintaining a health mind and lifestyle to be happy in the body that I’m in was and is the dream! Prokos Personal Training is a place that I can go to work on these long-term goals in a safe and friendly environment where there is always space to work out and feel supported.

The biggest challenges I faced before coming to Prokos Personal Training were time, pushing through plateau’s, and food.

It was difficult for me to learn how to prioritise life/time better to regularly fit in a gym session around full time work. On top of this I got bored quickly with my workouts and easily fitness plateau’s that made me reluctant to continue to prioritise the time I was giving my gym sessions. I was constantly looking for working inspiration on social media to keep me motivated and found that I was spending more time looking for inspiration than working out.  

Food was my other big challenge, learning how much and what to eat pre and post work out alluded me for years. There would be many times that I lacked energy during my workouts because I hadn’t eaten enough of the right foods to fuel my workout which in turn led to poor food choices post work out.

The biggest learning for me during my time at Prokos Personal Training has been that personal training is actually worth the money. It teaches you how to push yourself, sets you on the right path for your short- and long-term goals and helps you achieve a healthy mindset for life.

Another thing that I have come to realise is that the environment that you are working out in really impacts your motivation.  Gym environment is everything – and the feeling and energy at Prokos Personal Training really works for.

My advice to anyone thinking about starting at a gym or on a fitness regime is that you shouldn’t be hard on yourself. Even if you can only make it to the gym for 20 minutes, put in the effort to do it because then you know that you made the effort. Allow yourself to sleep for the recommended amount of time for your body. Allow yourself to have rest days. Instagram is only a highlight reel where you draw inspiration from the best parts of people’s lives – don’t compare your whole life to the best parts of everyone else’s.

Since starting to work with Marie from Prokos Personal Training I have achieved my dream booty for my wedding, gained and maintained a healthy body and mind and have become more conscious about making better food choices.

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I am a 48-year-old woman who was really unfit, unhealthy and had terrible eating habits.

I have always wanted to make a healthy change in my life.   

I am a great mum, a successful businesswoman, a great wife and like to think of myself as always having a solution but, when it came to me, I just had no idea how to fix myself.  I was so involved in other things in my life, I forgot about me!

I tried plenty of gyms in my area, and I always quit two weeks in.  I was only a number, and no one really cared about me and what I needed.  Sure they all know how to get you to sign up and make a commitment, but no one checked up on you once you started, let alone knew your name.

Then a friend told me about Con at Prokos Gym and what his story was.  I thought wow if he can make all those changes well, I am sure there is hope for me!  

I knew I was not mentally strong enough to see this through without careful guidance and persistence.  I am a hard basket; I hate exercising, and I find it so intimidating to look at myself in the mirror.  I felt I had let myself go, and I never gave it any thought on how my whole physical and mental thoughts were not only letting me down but others around me too.

I would work ridiculous hours, cook amazing food, entertain others to make sure everyone was happy, but I would never spend time on ME.

I drove past Prokos Gym 3 times that day, saying to myself, 'What would be different this time?" – "All gyms are the same", "I'm not a gym person".

Talking to Con that day, OMG was I intimidated!  This well-sculptured guy walks in, and he is big and serious!  But, he was so full of information and inspiration, I had never heard such hope before.  He actually changed my life.  

Why was I so successful at everything else in my life but myself.  He showed me the answer.

 Six months in and I am still there!  I have made so many positive changes to my health, my well being and especially my gut health.  

Con has inspired and educated me to the point where I cannot believe I actually look forward to going to the gym. I still have more to achieve, but I am there, and I am doing it.

I'm not just hoping for changes; I am making the changes.  

Do yourself a favour, contact Con and make the changes today!

Go Prokos Gym you are genuinely doing fitness with a difference.  All heart and soul!

Love you guys x
Nat x



Where do I start?


Where would I be without Prokos Personal Training?


I walked into your gym in May this year as a broken 47-year-old woman feeling the worst I had ever felt.


I was overweight, unhappy & angry at myself for letting things get so bad. I had spent my whole life looking after other people & putting myself last. I knew things needed to change but I also knew I couldn't do it by myself.


I met with you, we had a mindset session & you asked me some questions that I just couldn't answer. You made me realise that if I was going to make a change the time was now.

I started training with Marie a couple of days later and have not looked back. Within the month my husband Scott joined the gym & we now train together.


It has had a positive effect on our relationship in many ways. Marie has help me see that I can do things, set goals & achieve them.


I never would have thought I would be a person who loves going to the gym but I do. I look forward to each session & seeing the results I am achieving.


I have lost 14 kg since May, I have never felt or looked this good in my life. I now have self belief & understand the importance of taking care of me, something that I have had to work at & continue to remember.


So where would I be without you? Stuck in my old habits with my old thoughts & my old lifestyle.


All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!


You, Marie & the team have helped me achieve what I thought was impossible.


With much love & respect Georgie

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Since starting training in January of this year with Con & Marie at Prokos Fitness and Lifestyle, I have made more progress in 4 months than I’ve ever made with any other fitness attempt. The best thing apart from increasing body confidence is the change in my mind. I am learning to catch myself before I fall. Con and Marie have shown me small, realistic and maintainable changes that I have been able to implement into my life consistently. I can be a role model for my two boys. Due to having a FIFO husband, I have to take them to my sessions with me. I find that having them there makes me push myself harder.

—  Selena Brown

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