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Prokos Personal Training is a boutique fitness studio located in Port Adelaide.


We welcome all newcomers to our gym and specialise in helping Mum's and Dad's achieve their fitness goals. 

We pride ourselves on being industry leaders for one on one personal training, small group training, and our holistic approach to helping you achieve your goals by focussing on your body, mind and life.

What We Do

At Prokos Personal Training we tailor solutions to ensure you can achieve your goals:

  • One on One Personal Training with Male and Female Trainers

  • Weight Loss Group Class

  • Shape Up Group Class

  • Boxercise Group Class

  • Fitter. Stronger. Group Class

  • Kids Training Group Class

  • Burn Troop (FREE) Group Class open to every member

Whether you are looking for regular personal training sessions, group training program or a community gym where you can work out at your leisure, you will find what you need at Prokos Personal Training!


MyZone Gym

Myzone is an innovative piece of wearable technology that allows you to wirelessly measure your heart rate and conveniently monitors physical activity and effort during each workout.


At Prokos Personal Training, we love Myzone because it gamifies our training sessions and ensures we are always having fun during our one on one training sessions and our group classes.


Feedback from our members has been that this new technology pushes them to train harder in each session! 


MyZone will monitor your heart rate, calories and time exercising and convert that into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than fitness. This system levels the playing field at our gym and means the only person you are competing with is yourself. 


Simon Caruso

A big shout out to Con and the team at Prokos Personal Training who tailored a specific program based around my own lifestyle and personal goals.


They placed a huge emphasis on educating me on the importance of my mindset, giving me the tools to develop consistency with a holistic and realistic approach.

Most impressive was the support offered during the times I felt like quitting or went off the rails - always up for a chat and pep talk when required!


The program was easy to follow, clear, and designed for constant improvement in either strength or repetitions. Adding to this was a simple intermittent fasting eating schedule producing an impressive transformation - 6.5kg down in 75 days while changing my body composition! 


—  Simon Caruso | June 17th 2020


Are you ready to make a change? 

Prokos Personal Training is a boutique studio that offers a supportive and non-intimidating environment that is perfect for first-time gym-goers and mum's and dad's looking to make a change. 

By registering below you are taking the first and hardest step in your journey. Once you fill in this form our team will be in contact to help you through the next steps:

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  • At your consultation, we will talk about your goals and how we can help you achieve the best

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Sunday: 

5am - 9pm

  179 Port Rd, Queenstown, SA


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