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About Group Training

Whether you're new to exercise not sure where to start, or a seasoned gym-goer who needs an extra boost of motivation - working with a personal trainer is a great way to accelerate your results.


But if you think you can't afford a PT, think again. Group Training is the latest fitness buzzword and it's making the personal training experience more accessible and affordable.

Check out the group training classes on offer at Prokos Personal Training and get ready to start achieving your goals!


It's a high-intensity cardio class that involves every muscle working together. Classes are designed to allow you to give maximum effort in short intervals (less than 1 minute) to keep your heart rate high, engage and working every muscle to your full capacity.

H.I.I.T is an extraordinarily efficient and effective way to burn calories - even more so than other workouts. Calories burned in this class come from an increased metabolism which lasts for hours after your workout is over.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate fitness levels.

There's never a dull moment when you train with Marie - even at 6am!.


Cardio kickboxing is an extremely popular and fun group training class. Combining kickboxing techniques with high intensity and fast-paced cardio this class will challenge and exhilarate you in equal measure.

By attending this class, you will not only build stamina and lose weight, but you will also improve coordination and flexibility, build muscle and burn calories.

Cardio kickboxing is a fun and challenging workout that is designed to test and push novice gym members and experts alike.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate fitness levels.

Mark is our kickboxing coach and offers technical training and a fun cardio workout in a group training class that feels like personal training!


Mums in training is an exercise class conducted and designed by a Mum, Marie Prokos.

Marie has a particular interest in women’s health and fitness after becoming a mum of 4 herself. The exercise class introduces different styles of exercise that suits your needs, and that you will actually enjoy.

These classes are predominantly held indoors and occasionally outdoors for something different and to mix it up.

Everyone you train with is a Mum. You'll often share the same goals and face the same challenges as the women in your group training class, so a team feeling builds quickly during our hour-long sessions.

​In addition to feeling great, our MUMS IN TRAINING members also love the social connections of fitness classes and often schedule in coffee catch-up dates after class.

Another welcome aspect to this class (and all of our classes if we're honest) is that our NO EXCUSES policy means we also have an open door policy for your kids to attend whenever you do!


Learn how to effectively and safely use all of the training equipment in our gym in this weight training group class.

New members will often join this class to learn how to more effectively use all of the weight machines offered in our gym. We also find that more experienced members really appreciate this group training session as they new routines and ways to use the equipment.

Classes run for 1 hour and consist of circuit training on all of the weight machines Prokos Personal Training have to offer.

Suitable for novice to expert level gym goers.

Con Prokos is the leader, and personal trainer that runs this class and his experience and personality mean that attendees get so much knowledge and support from every session.


Mums and dads aren’t the only ones hitting our gym. Our Kids classes are fun and educational.

Workouts are for children aged 5-12.

This is by far one of our most popular classes, and it was born from our own kid's love of watching us train and then joining in themselves.

The class aims to create healthy habits from an early age while also providing the building blocks for maintaining a positive Mindset and valuing your health.

Exercise has not only been proven to build strong bones and boost cardiovascular fitness it will also help your child stay focused at school.

No weights are used in this class, but we have a strong emphasis on building your up your foundations.

While technically not part of our membership options this class is only $10 per session - and discounts are applied if you sign up for a package.


Too many people who begin exercising fall out of the habit within the first 6 months - even after a health scare.

It’s easy to revert to your old habits, and that is precisely what we are trying to avoid with this class.​

Creating a “new normal” can require a community. Our Mission is to create a community of like-minded people that all help encourage one another to achieve goals. This class is designed to fast track your results.

We also love this class because it is the one time that all of our members, regardless of their membership package can come together.

This class is complimentary when you sign up to our basic $19.70 gym membership, which means it is open to everyone, even those who choose to train solo in the gym usually.

Burn Troop - Group Training 


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